Company Overview


To create a viable and sustainable African investment company that is driven by a depth of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and integrity that embraces the true spirit of “UBUNTU”; positively contributing to the economic growth and social development on the African Continent.


DCH Africa will remain a responsible corporate citizen, continuously striving to make positive contributions towards community empowerment through actively managing investments to optimize stakeholder value, inspiring passion for African markets and facilitating transactions in Africa, by Africans, for Africa.



DCH Africa creates an environment that respects the rights and cultural diversity of others and further recognises the dignity of individuals. Our initiatives are based on creating an environment that empowers all employees to realise their full potential regardless of race, gender or socio-economic background.


A DCH Africa has an ardent commitment towards innovative products and services that offer unique market segments and deliver convenience to consumers.


DCH Africa upholds integrity as the cornerstone when engaging in all its business affairs, when pursuing its goals and objectives. Honesty, Transparency, and a High Code of Ethics form part of the integrity value chain by which DCH Africa conducts its endeavours.


DCH Africa commits itself and its employees to world-class workmanship standards by maintaining its superior performance and service in all aspects of the business of providing support to its subsidiaries and fulfilling obligations to stakeholders.