Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizen.

DCH Africa has an affinity for historically disadvantaged communities and the organisations Corporate Social Investment (CSI) policy is geared for maximum socio-economic impact through its activities in the communities where it operates. With a firm commitment towards the improvement of life for historically disadvantaged individuals through skills development programmes which aim to empower individuals to become active participants in the economy. DCH Africa aims to preserve the environment and collaborate with environmental specialists to find innovative solutions to address carbon emissions, sustainable energy production and the environmentally safe extraction of mineral resources.

Corporate Governance

DCH Africa upholds the provisions prescribed in the King III Report of Good Corporate Governance. We are committed to the highest levels of corporate ethics throughout our subsidiary companies. Our board comprises a group of individuals well equipped to steer DCH Africa through its growth strategy.

DCH Africa Philosphy.

DCH Africa's value proposition leverages on its wealth of experience, entrepreneurial acumen and transparency of its highly professional team of executives. Its diversification translates beyond the traditional thinking and investment philosophies, pushing boundaries to offer unique and innovative investment strategies, varied transactional instruments and high return yields that offer sustainable profitability.